Scribbler’s Saga #67 – Snippets of an Actual Writing Day

Posted: July 7, 2018 in Uncategorized

2018-06-14 13.25.57© 2018 G.N. Jacobs

Begone, demon Facebook! And some days that just described my whole day as a writer. Except when Amazon Prime has something cool on, then my day includes that too. Other days, hyperbole, Moron, like today where I’m using up my Fourth of July to write without reading my promised pages.

It’s a hot day and my comic book store hang might close early. I have beer growing warmer by the second…and mint cookies. I’m good for a few hours.

So anyway, social media. Leaving aside the political bits of Facebook that I ignore/skim over because until we open our mouths everybody theoretically is a good customer/reader, I still spend too much time here. And, yes, getting into a geek/writer snit is only slightly less of a rabbit hole than the equally available political snits waiting in the wings.

On any given evening, you might find me bloviating on a Babylon 5page. Or a science fiction page of which I’m in three or four. Occasionally, I might have something to say on thriller pages and a few others. I joined most of them to have a convenient place to plant links when I write one of these blog posts. Some, I either joined the wrong pages, or I just haven’t figured out the local tolerance for WordPress links.

Recently, I saw a post asking about some arcane knowledge in Babylon 5involving a race renowned for genetic manipulation of other races to create telepaths. My answer sparked a snit with another gent who claimed to have done some work with the creator of the show. He cited one episode produced earlier in the series than the one I cited which clearly made my case that the species in question wouldn’t have undergone further manipulation after the other big race on the show killed all the local telepaths.

This went maybe four go arounds where he essentially asserted the earlier episode supersedes the later knowledge of the episode I cited. By this time, it’s 3am and bedtime, I search through to Wikipedia and then click through to an archived database created in the wake of the show’s first airing where I find a purported quote concerning the episode he pointed me at from the creator of the show (I suspect Gene Roddenberry is glad to be dead before the advent of social media) that actually proves my point.

My parting shot of the exchange was to Cut and Paste this quote into the box and go to bed. I don’t know that I won despite appearances of having the last shot with an unchallenged factoid. Why? Stop feeding the beast and ignore the remainder of the exchange is a perfectly viable tactic. I’ve used it myself…frequently.

On other days, I comment on other writer pages. Functionally, it’s same comment…write your words, don’t worry about many things that get in the way, almost a polite F-O to some of these jokers. There’s another gentthat might just like feeding the fish lots of chum. Or he really is an anti-Free Expression douchebag pining for morals committees and censorship. A writer that doesn’t like Free Expression…yeah, not just bait, but chum.

Other times, some newbie will post a completely ridiculous half-hearted attempt at an author photo. Two of them, actually. And nearly everybody else in the group lands on this poor guy with both feet. At first, I just said my opinion of the uninspired selfie photography on offer.

But, peer pressure being still occasionally a thing even for kids who are only chronologically middle aged, I couldn’t resist taking the slightly better photo and dropping in a shark head, a katana and copious amounts of blood, all from the same FX app. My caption referenced a pretty cool beer commercial – “I don’t always write novels, but when I do I like to behead land sharks in my polo uniform (The Second Most Interesting Man in the World). At least one other person wallowing in Bad Karma Land called it “epic” and wished I had GIF technology.

Bad Karma on the half-shell, but it was kind of funny to gently play with a guy that needed to put in more thought into his headshot.

As you might guess, I do perform other vital tasks than join the Moron Brigade. The rest of the time I…

…do actually write. I wake up and eat eggs, bacon and fruit getting intimate with my pot of decaf. I recently switched over because four cups of regular let me with my shirt over my head making fun of Lake Titicaca(extra points if you get my reference). Then I warm up my gear.

In that vein, I type on my Too Cool for My Shirt typewriter keyboard (people do think it’s cool, they said so). Or flop on my couch, finger tapping to the tunes of Beethoven and the rest of the dead guys in wigs. Or plug in the gear into the TV mirroring cable and push some pedals trying to do two things at once, exercise and write, even though these might be mutually exclusive.

Other days, the stir crazy factor builds up and I have to get out of the house. I wind up at a coffeehouse doing pretty much the same thing as at home. Swill coffee in bigger cups, chow down on croissants or muffins and hope that my caffeine buzz outlasts my word flow by no more than about a half hour. Too much buzz and I don’t sleep.

Somewhere along the line, I quit being done for the day except for dinner, exercise, an occasional short second stint of writing, reading (not as much as I’d like) and TV. Currently, that’s the old SF show Andromeda, one of the few shows that seems different the second time doing the Mega Binge (not delving into that bit of perceptual philosophy, I like avoiding exploding heads). And then I find more things on Facebook baiting me to bloviate.

My days are quite similar each and every day. Good thing, I like my job.

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