As part of our ongoing efforts to help low-budget media producers everywhere, Smoking Lizard Media is proud to present a wide variety of royalty-free music!

Here’s how it works

A) You search through the many YouTube videos depicting music created by G.N. Jacobs, whether here on this page, this site’s front page, or the sister archive site and you enjoy what you see and hear.

B) You link back to our music store, which is intentionally separate from our main store.

C) You select whether to buy a CD with 75 minutes of the music or whether you wish to buy single pieces of music.

D) If you choose to buy a CD, you will get a full disk even if you only want one piece and you will be charged accordingly. We will give you the full composition that the piece has been artistically placed in (e.g. Movement Three of Inspired by Star Wars will be sold with the whole of Inspired by Star Wars) unless you specify in your purchase comments on PayPal or in a subsequent email that you would like a mix and match disk. I ship CDs through the post office for free to domestic addresses, unless special arrangements are made at your expense.

E) If you choose to buy single pieces or full compositions delivered on media other than CDs you will need to either take personal delivery (Southern California only) or send a USB drive of the appropriate size to Smoking Lizard Media, 5950 Buckingham Parkway #606, Culver City, CA 90230. Single pieces will be charged on a prorated basis compared to the value of a full composition. I ship through the U.S. Post Office unless special arrangements are made at your expense. Return shipping of USB drives through the post office to domestic addresses will be free.

F) You pay for what you want to hear and place into your production using the provided PayPal links, or make an offline payment for the same amount with a check, money order or cash (personal delivery to Southern California only). Make checks payable to G.N. Jacobs, 5950 Buckingham Parkway #606, Culver City, CA 90230. First purchases are $20/disk and all subsequent are $40/disk.

G) You give appropriate credit to G.N. Jacobs as composer in your media project either for a single piece of music in the end credits or as the full composer of your score as appropriate.

H) You download the limitations upon the music and my letter releasing the music for use on YouTube, Vimeo and whoever else needs to see that the music in your project is in fact royalty-free for use in media projects.

I) You complete your project and agree not to use the music for any purpose other than your media projects.

Please drop me an email if you feel I should compose original music at My rates are on my production services page.

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